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Wild Joe's is proud to bring a slice of steak, all natural, high quality snack to you!  Our jerky is hand sliced, marinated in Wild Joe's 'secret recipe', then cooked to perfection.  It's low in calories, carbohydrates, and fat with zero sugar.  High in protein and taste.  Not chopped or pressed with no added preservatives.  It's a perfect quick energy snack and also by many dieters incorporated into their healthy diets.

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky is a small, family company.  Joe Lachenman started in butcher shops throughout the 1970's and '80's.  One of the many items he made himself was beef jerky.  Eventually, he could not keep up with the orders for his jerky.  His customers continually told him that his quality of jerky just was not available in stores.  He decided to close his shops and focus on making the highest quality beef jerky he could.  

Wild Joe's Beef Jerky was born in 1990 with the encouragement of his wife, Colleen Jo (no kidding)....Mrs. Wild Joe, his friends, and family....and of course his loyal following of "wild" fans.  Followed the next year by the birth of their daughter Savannah Jo....Little Wild Joe.  Joe leased space from a plant in Cincinnati called HMI. In 1997, he was able to purchase his own USDA manufacturing plant. 

Their son, Micah, served 1 year in Iraq with the US Army.  Wild Joe and Wild Colleen sent care packages to Micah and his platoon filled with Wild Joe's Beef Jerky.  It was a quick, healthy, high protein "meal" they couldn't get enough of! Wild Colleen is a registered nurse who worked for many years in an Emergency Room.  She continues her work as a nurse for Davita Dialysis but, also acts as spokesperson, salesperson, and deemed "Head Honcho" for Wild Joe's.

Wild Savannah Jo said since she was a little girl that she wanted to grow up and be the President of Daddy's company.  She is now studying culinary arts in college, but still remains avidly involved in quality control (she eats Wild Joe's Beef Jerky....a lot!).  The "torch" may be passed one day to grandson Jaden who is 9 and is already a jerky expert :)

Thanks to all of our "wild" fans!!  Take care. 

The Wild Joe's Gang


WILD JOE'S INC. 2905 Jessamine Street Cincinnati, OH  45225 

PHONE:  513-681-9200           FAX:  513-681-9204

EMAIL:    wildjoes@wildjoesworld.com