Wild Joe's Beef Jerky

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1/2 lb "Natural" Style


1/2 lb
1/2 lb 1/2 lb 1/2 lb 1/2 lb


Wild Joe's Beef Jerky is 100% beef...hand sliced STEAK!, marinated in Wild Joe's 'secret recipe' then cooked to perfection. We add no preservatives, nothing artificial. No msg, nitrates, nitrites...etc. "ALL NATURAL" is exactly what Wild Joe's is.....'water weight' is lost during the cooking process and your left with pure meat! Not chopped or pressed. Many other 'processed' jerkies have very little actual meat and instead contain fillers, additives, water. One taste and you'll know the difference! GOURMET!

OK....this is THE BIG BAD BOY! Now you're talkin'! A half of a pound of Wild Joe's Beef Jerky! A convenient resealable strip at the top of the bag keeps your steak snack fresh. This is the economy size (amount equal to 10 of our .8 ounce bags). Keep a bag at home for the kids' healthy after school snack and a bag at the office for a quick hunger buster. Great for vacations, hunting trips, hiking, car trips.... Don't forget to send or give a bag to a friend! They'll LOVE getting WILD!!

Need A LOT of jerky? Want to go in with friends or give as gifts and SAVE MONEY???!!!

Go to our QUANTITY DISCOUNT OFFER AND PURCHASE A 25 COUNT CASE OF 1/2 POUND BAGS @ $15.00 EACH BAG! We can mix your case with any combination of our flavors.