Wild Joe's Beef Jerky

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1/2 pound Bag "Mesquite" Style


1/2 pound Bag
1/2 pound Bag 1/2 pound Bag 1/2 pound Bag 1/2 pound Bag


Ahh......MESQUITE!!  That deep, flavorful taste, with a hint of smoke from the grill.  It's all that....with a 'bite' included!  It will give you summer and those great savory sensations all year long.  Dare you not to eat an entire bag in one sitting! (well, maybe a friend or two could help)

OK....this is THE BIG BAD BOY! Now you're talkin'! A half of a pound of Wild Joe's Beef Jerky! A convenient resealable strip at the top of the bag keeps your steak snack fresh. This is the economy size (amount equal to 10 of our .8 ounce bags). Keep a bag at home for the kids' healthy after school snack and a bag at the office for a quick hunger buster. Great for vacations, hunting trips, hiking, car trips.... Don't forget to send or give a bag to a friend! They'll LOVE getting WILD!!

Need A LOT of jerky? Want to go in with friends or give as gifts and SAVE MONEY???!!!
Go to our QUANTITY DISCOUNT OFFER AND PURCHASE A 25 COUNT CASE OF 1/2 POUND BAGS @ $14.00 EACH BAG!  We can mix your case with any combination of our flavors.


 **NOTE: The seasoning used in this flavor contains a very small amount of sugar.

**This is one of our newest flavors. It is only available in the 1/2lb. size. It is packaged in a yellow 'natural' bag and stickered with name of flavor